About HR Protected

HR Protected was founded by Liz Strama and Krystine Strama-Rolfe who wanted to create a HR company that stripped back all the confusion of HR in order to provide businesses with clear, straight-forward and effective HR support.

Even though Employment Law is the same whether you have 1 employee or 1000, we understand the HR systems businesses have in place must be relevant to them. Its common sense to realise a business with 5 employees is not going to require the same level of HR processes that a business with 500 employees would. Therefore, we do not offer a “one size fits all” approach – we work with you to understand your business and advise on a HR system relevant to you. As your business changes, your HR needs will change, and we’ll support you every step of the way to ensure you always have the best system in place.

We’re passionate about developing HR systems with companies who realise HR management is not only necessary for legal compliance, but also to build strong company foundations and gain competitive advantage. We specialise in working with businesses who employ between 1 to 150 employees, providing off-site support for companies across England plus additional on-site support for companies in the Midlands.

Why should you worry about HR?

Because Employment Law is continuously evolving, it can be very difficult for business owners to ensure they fully comply with legislation all of the time. With an average tribunal claim costing employers around £9,000 just to defend (with a total average cost of £20,000), its clear employers need to protect their businesses. We provide you with the protection, advice, systems, documents and operational support you need to become fully compliant with employment law, and become an industry benchmark as an employer of choice. 

HR is often seen as a low priority by management, who have so many other issues to deal with, they do not have time to look at HR documents, policies, procedures and systems. Unfortunately, it is these companies who find themselves unable to defend at tribunals, as they have no protection in place. Even more worryingly, their systems usually do not comply with current legislation, which could mean an extra 25% is awarded at tribunal, turning an £80,000 dismissal claim into a £100,000 claim.

It’s not just about processes – a great HR system will help you to reduce costs

Ensuring you are compliant with Employment Law is just one step forward, we work with you to maximise the efficiency of your HR system, as well as reducing costs related to poor HR handling. For example, the average cost of absence is circa £600 per employee per year. By implementing absence monitoring and control procedures, this cost is vastly reduced or even eliminated in some cases. This is simply one example of HR related cost savings we can help you with – there are many more areas where costs can be saved.

How else will you benefit from a successful HR system?

By implementing successful HR policies and procedures, you will be proactively looking after your employees, which becomes the foundation for a great working relationship. This will improve employee morale, performance, productivity and retention; which, in turn, will improve your profitability.

If you want to build a formidable business, a strong HR system is vital for securing key employees and maximising performance and efficiency. Talented, skilful and effective employees are the most important asset in any business.

Why use HR Protected?

  • Professional service from expert advisors
  • Tailor-made solutions and flexible packages
  • Protect your company from unforeseen HR risks
  • Save time and costs by implementing strong and efficient HR systems
  • Fully comply with English Employment Law
  • Secure key employees
  • Improve employee morale, performance, productivity, retention and, in turn, profitability
  • Become an industry benchmark as an Employer of Choice