In the early stages, most businesses have employees but do not have a qualified internal HR manager. It’s typically the Finance Director or Managing Director who deals with all HR issues. Which is usually fine until you reach a point where you start having continuous HR issues and it takes up more and more time for the Director’s to deal with. Time which is normally scarce because the Directors are focusing on developing the business which means they have less time to dedicate to day-to-day HR matters.

We tend to find clients come to us when they are in one of following situations:

  1. They recognise HR is spiralling out of control as they cannot dedicate the time to it, and find it more and more of a struggle to keep up-to-date with all the employment law changes and documentation;
  2. They have a specific problem they need qualified help with, such as a disciplinary, absence control, maternity, harassment issues etc.;
  3. A court summons has landed on their desk informing them an employee is taking them to an employment tribunal.

We can always help clients with situations 1 and 2, but once it gets to situation 3 it’s too late to change what’s already happened and we work with expert employment lawyers to try and minimise the damage. Therefore, if you’re currently in situation 1 or 2, we strongly recommend you talk to us as soon as possible before it gets to situation 3!

For ongoing HR support, we recommend our annual subscription packages, which provide different levels of support depending on your individual business.

We also provide support solutions for specific issues, such as disciplinaries, grievances, appeals etc. which are charged on an hourly rate, with no annual sign-up or subscriptions.

If you’re not sure what kind of support you need, please contact us and we can recommend the support option we feel would work best for your business. We guarantee to never oversell our services, and will only recommend the support service that is right for your business.