We usually work with employment lawyers in two ways:

  1. Our clients need legal support, e.g. settlement agreements, tribunals etc. which we do not provide as part of our services;
  2. Your clients need day-to-day HR support, which is not part of the services you provide.

When our clients require legal services, we help them by recommending relevant law firms who can provide those services and work together with us to ensure our client receives the best possible support.

We work with employment lawyers to help their clients deal with day-to-day HR support, such as assisting them with HR processes and procedures. We also conduct investigatory meetings, disciplinaries, grievances and appeals for employment lawyers’ clients in order to act as an independent third-party. This ensures that if a case goes beyond the disciplinary/grievance/appeal level and moves to a tribunal, the lawyer does not have a conflict of interest and can fully act for their client.

If you would like to discuss working with us, please contact us and we can arrange a meeting.