Is Training and Development Important?

Effective training and development is vital if you want your company to perform at its best in the marketplace. By continuously keeping your staff well trained, they perform to their highest level, which helps to ensure:

  • Excellent internal and external communication
  • Loyal, motivated staff with high employee morale
  • High skill levels
  • Increased customer care
  • Increased productivity
  • Employees support the company’s goals
  • The company stays ahead of its competition in the marketplace
  • Staff are kept from “feeling bored”
  • Positive attitudes and behaviour within the company
  • Cost savings – it’s cheaper to train a current employee with new skills than it is to employ a new employee
  • Increased efficiency across the company
  • Staff feel valued when employers invest in their training and development
  • Increased employee retention through better job satisfaction
  • The company is able to adapt quickly to changes, e.g. market, processes and technological advances
  • Individual employee and team confidence is improved